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Variations - Literaturzeitschrift der Universität Zürich

Collection 8

Clerks, Wifes and Historians

Hg. Winfried Rudolf, Thomas Honegger, Andrew James Johnston


This volume comprises selected papers of SEM VI to VIII (Studientage Englisches Mittelalter), held at Jena, Bochum, and Zurich between 2004 and 2007. It presents a representative cross-section of topics in the field of English medieval studies in Germany and Switzerland. The spectrum ranges from philological textual criticism, cultural studies centring around the history of ideas, questions of historical writing, alliteration, and the depiction of the monstrous in early modern literature, to philological and linguistic approaches focussing on morphology and grammar.

Roland Schuhmann: The King's Speech in the Finnsburg Fragment

Sebastian I. Sobecki: That Dizzy Height of Wisdom: Augustinian Vision and Kynde's Mountain in Piers Plowman B XI

Franziska Scheitzeneder: «For myn entente nys but for to pleye». On the Playground with the Wife of Bath, the Clerk of Oxford and Jacques Derrida

Nicole Nyffenegger-Staub: Subjectivity and Crisis in Fourteenth-Century English Historical Writing

Kathrin Prietzel: Treachery and Betrayal in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle: The Incident of 1051

Thomas Honegger: Romancing the Form: Alliterative Metre and William of Palerne

Winfried Rudolf: Seven Diverse Loans in Middle English Alliterative Poetry. A Preliminary Study

Maik Goth: «Infinite Shapes of Thinges»: Monsters and the Monstrous in Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene

Robert Mailhammer: The Typological Significance of Ablaut in the Prehistory of English

Svenja Kranich: Some Problems Connected with the Analysis of Gerunds with Direct Objects in Middle English.



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