Collection 5

Riddles, Knights and Cross-dressing Saints

Hg. Thomas Honegger


This volume comprises selected papers of SEM IV & V (Studientag Englisches Mittelalter), held at Potsdam in 2002 & 2003, and provides a representative cross-section of topics in the field of English medieval studies in Germany and Switzerland. The spectrum ranges from cultural studies centring around the history of ideas, questions of gender and the reception of the Middle Ages, to philological and linguistic approaches focussing on manuscript studies, semantics and (textual) communication.

Andrew James Johnston: Filming the Seven Deadly Sins. Chaucer, Hollywood and the Postmodern Middle Ages

Malte Urban: Myth and the Present: Chaucer's Troilus as a Mirror for Ricardian England

Sandra Lowerre: To Rise Beyond Their Sex: Female Cross-Dressing Saints in Caxton's Vitas Patrum

Dieter Bitterli: The Survival of the Dead Cuckoo. Exeter Book Riddle 9

Guillaume Schiltz: Der Canterburyspruch oder 'Wie finden dänische Runen und englische Komputistik zusammen?' Ein Beitrag zur historischen Textlinguistik

Susanne Kries: Fela í rúnum eda í skáldskap: Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian Approaches to Riddles and Poetic Disguises

Bianca Kossmann: Regularity in semantic change? A corpus-based critique of Hughes (1988, 2000)

Sandra Boggel: Nou onderstand wel - Metacommunicative Directives in Middle English and Early Modern English Religious Texts.